Microtec 68″ Sportswear sublimation transfer roll

Microtec MTX calenders are an affordable, easy to use solution for all your dye sublimation paper transfer applications. MTX calenders deliver precision temperature fixation to a broad range of textile applications, thus saving time on production. An all steel solid construction provides high quality performance and ensures. MTX calenders are built for year on year production.


  • Integrated sports tables: allows cut piece and roll-to-roll transfer applications
  • Six mandrels: 3 for feeding and 3 for take up after sublimation
  • Spring Loaded take-up Mandrels: No tools are required to load or remove media from the calander.
  • Forward & Reverse Button: if the feeding with problem, you can turn the button to REV, then the material will return saftly.
  • Tension Handle: Easy and quick to control the tension between the blanket and oil drum ; When press it down, tension is big and blanket is tight; When press it up, blanket is separate.
  • Adjusting Rod: Easy to adjust the tension and position of blanket.
  • Belt Speed Controller: Easy to adjust the speed of belt.
  • Take-up mandrels Speed Controller: Easy to adjust the collectting speed of take-up mandrels accordingly to the belt speed.
  • Automatic cool down: After you turn off the “Power” and “Heat”, the machine will cool down automatically (factory setting is cool down for 2 hours).


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