About Us

Sweet Tree Inc. is a trading company which started on February 2007. It is a one-stop shop for all of your office and business needs.

Our mission is:

To provide products and services that are updated, smart, efficient, of high quality and environment-friendly

To deliver these goods and services on time, with passion, attention to details, and warm personal service

To always uphold the company core values of hard work, integrity, honesty and commitment

To build a healthy and good professional relationships with our clients, suppliers and the community

To provide an environment of growth, personal development, and positive change within the organization

To give back to our community through socially-conscious practices, programs, and actively supporting good causes and advocacies

Our vision is to be the trusted, convenient & reliable provider of these products in the country:

Computers and I.T products

Office Supplies & Equipment

Printing supplies, consumables & Solutions

Mobile, Lifestyle & Technology products